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Rose Syrup
Rose Syrup

Rose Syrup

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Produced with care by a women's cooperative in the Bekaa valley and following natural authentic recipes, the dark pink rose's floral fragrance is replicated in our sweet rose syrup's flavor and taste.

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Rose syrup is made with water, dried rose petals and sugar.
Fair trade rose petals are infused using traditional methods passed down from generation to generation to create this delightfully vibrant and versatile syrup. Dilute it with chilled water and have it to cool down and rehydrate on a hot afternoon. Can also be used with cakes and yogurt. This floral treat is produced with care by a cooperative which empowers rural women in the Bekaa valley.
Sugar, water, rose water, roselle leaves and citric acid.
*May contain traces of sesame, nuts, gluten and milk.
Mix 1 unit of syrup with 6 units of water or use as a topping for dairy desserts.
Pairs well with cakes and yogurts.