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Pickled Wild Cucumber
Pickled Wild Cucumber

Pickled Wild Cucumber

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Our wild cucumber pickles offer a slightly sweeter and more unique flavor than regular cucumber pickles. Pungent and sour, they pair very well with all kinds of savory dishes, especially burgers, falafels and salads.

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Wild cucumbers, also known as Armenian cucumbers, are a slender, ribbed fruit with thin skin and a light green color. The pickles have a distinct sweet and tangy succulent taste. They make the perfect accompaniment for burgers, kebabs, minced or cold meats, falafel and salads. Our wild cucumbers are cultivated and tenderly harvested by a women’s cooperative in the bountiful Bekaa plains.
Wild cucumbers, pepper, garlic, salt, water and vinegar.
Pickles that perfectly complement your meat, cold cuts and cheese.