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A traditional Lebanese delicacy, Moghrabieh pearls also known as "Lebanese couscous" are made of whole wheat semolina, salt, and water. Typically served as part of a stew also called Moghrabieh with chicken, onions, and chickpeas. Ours come from an all women cooperative in Zahle.

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Made from whole wheat semolina, water, and salt, and formed into pearls, Moghrabieh is a key ingredient in the traditional savory stew bearing the same name, “Moghrabieh”. This dish is typically served in Lebanon during gatherings and includes chicken, onions, and chickpeas, with an aromatic mix of spices, like cinnamon, all spice, and black pepper. These Couscous-like pearls are also a great replacement for rice or pasta. Our Moghrabieh is ethically produced by an all women cooperative based in Zahle in the Bekaa governorate.
Whole WHEAT semolina, water and salt.
Replaces rice and pasta.
Pairs well with meats and vegetables.

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