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Hummus with Truffle
Hummus with Truffle

Hummus with Truffle

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Having a unique taste and aroma, this Hummus is enhanced with the addition of truffles. Considered one of the utmost culinary delicacies, truffles add an earthy and nutty flavor to this traditional Lebanese dish.

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A Hummus dip made by blending chickpeas, tahini, garlic, olive oil, lemon juice and summer truffles.
Hummus with summer truffles is best served with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and enjoyed with fresh pita bread or crackers. This fusion dish of European and Lebanese flavors offers a nutty gourmet treat with earthy savory notes. The summer truffles are sourced from France and Italy, harvested from natural habitats and the chickpeas are produced by a women’s innovative cooperative in the Bekaa Valley, in the East of Lebanon.
Cooked chickpeas, water, sesame paste, summer truffle (tuber aestivum, 3% flavored), salt, garlic and citric acid.
*May contain traces of sesame and milk.
Served with olive oil and bread.
Generous and refined flavors for a gourmet aperitif, as a starter or main course for a gourmet meal, for all your festive moments.